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About Us



Once a falling down "camp"... never wired for electricity or plumbed... never insulated... and with just one window with all the glass intact, most folks suggested knocking it down and starting over. But...such as it was, it was still more comfortable than using a tent for ski trips in 20 below temps!

The structure lived on...and morphed into a full time home...and now 3 Covered Bridges Guesthouse is here to share with others. 

Three Covered Bridges Guesthouse is the culimation of a 30 - year love affair with 75 acres of hard rugged mountain land and an ornery structure that just didn't want to quit. Well, I should say a structure that I stubbornly wouldn't "let" quit. had history...and a wee bit of potential. Didn't it?



Then --1980

Now! ------->2020

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