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The Grounds at Three Covered Bridges 

There are lots of little spots up and down the brooks to enjoy.  Just a 4 minute walk away there's a private little wading pool and a small deck . The floats are a great place to sit around and read when the weather's too hot to do much else!

But you don't have to hike even that far. There are several sitting areas just outside the house.

Sitting area near house
She welcomes you to 3coveredbridges
Our little fairy's pool
A nice spot to ponder
Bridge to the Fairy's pool
Where 2 brooks meet
Foliage Season
Winter view to the east
Children are welcome!
Grownup children, too!
S'mores, anyone?
Plowman comes early (6:00 AM)
Skier's Delight
Down to the brook
Up to the house from the brook
Sit...and listen to the forest
Picnic near our tallest waterfall
Coool place to read in the heat
New (level!) deck by pool
Take our picnic basket to lunch :-)
Sun in the ferns
Sitting area near house w/ firepit
Back table with gas grill /full moon
Front porch
Repeat visitor...very wise indeed!
Our tallest waterfall (2 stories?)
View from the private porch
Peace & quiet at last
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